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Mattress Pick Up & Recycling

You may have found that it’s difficult to find a place that will accept a mattress donation in San Francisco. With EcoHaul, recycling your used or unwanted mattress is a snap. We’ll come directly to you and take away your mattress in minutes.

Think mattresses aren’t recyclable? Think again. EcoHaul has been a proud partner with San Francisco Bay Area-based mattress recycler DR3 since 2005. DR3 deconstructs mattresses by hand. They separate the various materials which make up the mattress, materials like the mattress’s wooden frame, its steel box-spring, and its cotton outer layer. This thoughtful process allows about 90% of the deconstructed item to be properly recycled. We also take foam mattresses, mattress pads, and more, and serve all of San Francisco.

Residential Mattress Pick Up

EcoHaul proudly services the entire Bay Area. Therefore, we understand how busy our customers are. Even if you are unable to be home during your scheduled appointment time or during your pre-scheduled arrival window, we may be able to offer you the opportunity to leave your donation mattress outside for our responsible truck team to politely pick up and haul away.

Once the pickup is complete, our friendly customer service agents can easily take payment by phone. You’ll rest assured knowing that your used mattress is off to be properly recycled instead of clogging up local landfills.

Commercial and Business Mattress Pick Up

Do you represent a hotel, motel, hospital, senior care facility, hostel, or some type of business with a large quantity of mattresses in need of disposal or donation? EcoHaul is happy to help. When recycling a mattress, our bulk pricing helps keep costs low.

A locally-based business, EcoHaul has proudly served the Bay Area since 2004. We’re committed to eco-friendly hauling. Doing business with EcoHaul means your organization cares for the environment.

What about heavily used items?

In some cases, mattresses are very soiled. Therefore, they are not legally eligible for recycling per state and local health and safety laws. Our helpful customer service agents work with you in advance of the truck team’s arrival to assess the state of the item. In some cases, we may be able to pick up and remove the item. Many times, there is no issue. We can easily pick up and haul away your mattress the eco-friendly way.

Get Started

Call 1-800-ECOHAUL. Our friendly customer service agents work with you to assess what it will take to recycle your mattress, provide an initial estimate by phone, and get you on the schedule. We may even be able to do your mattress pick up that day.  From there, recycling the mattress is off your plate and you can rest assured that we will take care of the recycling in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

After our courteous truck team arrives and provides you with a final estimate, they get to work efficiently removing the materials from your property. Whenever possible, items are disposed of the eco-friendly way, either through recycling, donation, or composting. Make the environmentally-conscious choice. Get started. Call 1-800-ECOHAUL today.