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EcoHaul & Donation Services

Are you looking to get rid of used household items? Do you want to be sure your lovingly used items go to a new home? Are you finding it more difficult to donate your items than you thought it would be? After all, your materials still have life in them! Unfortunately, donation services don’t always take everything. Fortunately, EcoHaul is here to help!

What Sets EcoHaul and Donation Services Apart?

EcoHaul works with non-profits charity organizations whenever possible to make sure materials stay out of the landfill. After all, one of the Three R’s is “reuse!” So, why would one choose EcoHaul over straight donation? Well, at times, donation services find items to be too worn or lovingly used to take away. In those cases, EcoHaul can sometimes leverage its partnerships with non-profits throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to ensure the item goes to a new home. Sometimes, items really are simply too used to be donated. In those cases, EcoHaul works with Bay Area-based recyclers. Why? We’re mission-driven to help protect the environment by keeping junk out of the landfill.

There are also instances when charity donation pick-up services are happy to pick up your item, but they don’t have room on their schedule during the period that works best for you. EcoHaul understands these issues. We’re here to help. Oftentimes, we can do same day pickup for those who are short on time. No matter what, you can rest assured knowing you’ve selected a service which is committed to keeping your items out of the landfill.

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After our courteous truck team arrives and provides you with a final estimate, they get to work efficiently removing the materials from your property. Whenever possible, items are disposed of the eco-friendly way, either through recycling, donation, or composting. Make the environmentally-conscious choice. Get started. Call 1-800-ECOHAUL today.