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Please note: Due to the weight limits of the trucks, we can load heavy material to the one foot level of the truck bed (see truck bed dimensions above). A full load of heavy material is three cubic yards. Heavy material includes, but is not limited to, concrete, rock, dirt, soil, asphalt, tile, and sheetrock.

Hauling truck

Volume  Pricing: Rates are based on a 15 cubic yard truck bed. Dimensions of the truck bed are 10Lx8Wx5H.

Surcharges: E-Waste – Monitors, TVs, Laptops, CPUs, UPS batteries: $45 / Sm misc eWaste box: $25; Med misc eWaste box: $35; Lg misc eWaste box: $45-$85 / Printers/Copiers $50-$200 / Furniture – Sofa Beds: $65, Mattresses: $55 / Appliances – Large Appliances: $95, Freon Appliances: $150 / Other – Tires: $35-$200*, Lawn Mowers**: $50 *depending on size, local recycling fees / **fluids must be drained.

Mattress Specials: 
One non-king mattress (includes simple metal frame): $165
One king mattress (includes simple metal frame): $195
Non-King mattress pair (includes simple metal frame): $225
King mattress combo (king mattress plus two king-twins): $350

Note: Additional fees may apply due to safety issues. Disposal fees are included in price. Final prices are determined by onsite personnel. For single items, minimum charge applies, plus surcharge if applicable. Rates subject to change at any time.