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 How does your service work?

You call 1-800-ECOHAUL or Book Online. We book you a time, we show up on time, we load up, we clean up. It’s that simple.

What makes you guys Eco?

EcoHaul is both an ecologically and economically minded company. We specialize in the reuse and recycling of all the material that we haul. The vast majority of what we haul does not go to the landfill. Through strategic partnerships with for-profit reuse organizations, non-profit reuse centers, donation centers, thrift stores, salvage yards, recycling centers, and many others, we manage to divert more material from the landfill than any other organization. This means environmental responsibility and lower costs are passed on to you.

How do your rates work?

You only pay for the portion of the truck that we fill up. Our rates are pro-rated, which means the more you have, the cheaper our service becomes. Plus, because we offer competitive pricing and environmental responsibility, you really get the most bang for your buck.

Can I get a quote?

Of course. First, have a look at our pricing calculator. Then, give us a call and our skilled customer services agents can answer any questions you have, give you a quote, and schedule your pick-up as soon as you’re satisfied.

What kind of stuff do you take?

We are experts in reuse, recycling, and solid waste disposal. We’ll take your household, office, yard, construction and renovation material. Everything from couches and sofas, chairs and tables, stoves and refrigerators, dressers, mattresses and bed frames, exercise equipment and hobbyist material, televisions or audio equipment, general trash or solid waste, yard debris or lawn furniture, office furniture, desks, hutches, bookshelves, construction and demolition debris…. Phew. Pretty much, you name it.

Do you take paint or household toxics?

We do not haul hazardous materials of any kind. No household toxics, paint, animal waste, etc.

How big is your truck?

Our truck beds are 10’x8’x5′ or 15 cubic yards.

Where do you guys take everything?

We maintain a database that contains every donation, recycling, and solid waste disposal resource throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally, our trucks are tracked by hard-mounted GPS to get them to the best drop-off location in the shortest period of time. Leveraging technology in this way is essential to providing you the best – and the most responsible – service in the industry.

How do you guys compare to a dumpster?

First, we do all the loading. Second, we’re more cost-effective. Third, we sort and distribute materials for reuse and recycling where all mixed dumpster loads go directly into the landfill. There are other reasons, too. We arrive and complete the job within an hour or two. A dumpster is often dropped off for a week, creating an eyesore in the neighborhood. Also, in many urban areas, dumpster service is not available due to parking restraints.

Do you carry tools on your trucks?

Yes. Our trucks are equipped with handheld demolition equipment, such as cordless reciprocal saws, cordless power drills, sledge hammers, demo hammers, brooms, shovels, wheelbarrows, and appliance and furniture dollies, if necessary.

Can I donate something to you guys?

The good news is we donate items for you, so you don’t have to.

This is a paid service? Why is that?

We have the capability of taking just about anything you could throw our way, including furniture, mattresses, TVs, soil, etc. – unlike organizations that remove material for free. Also, the free organizations sell your stuff. We don’t. Our careful and efficient crews do all the loading and clean-up, as well, and there are fees associated with disposal and recycling material.

Does EcoHaul have a yard where I can drop off (or pick up) something?


What makes you guys different from other haulers?

We specialize in the relocation of material for reuse and recycling and as a result divert far more material from the landfill than anyone else in the industry.

Do you take pianos?

Nope. Sorry. But your can ask these folks.